[MUD-Dev] Server hosting

Freeman Freeman
Tue Jul 10 13:56:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Brian Hook [mailto:bwh at wksoftware.com]

> I'm sure they may consider a graphical MUD host if approached
> individually though.  I'm actually surprised at the number of MUD
> hosting services available. I can't imagine how it would be
> profitable...

I suspect an awful lot of payments are made in advance for months of
hosting that the MUD never actually uses.

e.g.  You pay for six months or a year of hosting (in advance).
Spend three or four months with no users (other than maybe a handful
of wizards) building the MUD.  Actually run the mud for a month or
two with a minimal number of users (because it's a new MUD that no
one knows about).

Then you quit, because running a MUD isn't as much fun as you
thought it would be.

I can't imagine the bandwidth costs are really all that high for the
first few months (or year, even), and I bet most new MUDs don't last
much longer than that.

That's just a guess, though.  I don't actually know that new MUDs
tend to close-up shop within the first year.  So... call it a
(cynical) suspicion on my part.
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