[MUD-Dev] GPL (was:Libs for 3D Client/Servers)

Koster Koster
Tue Jul 10 15:02:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Matt Mihaly
> On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Patrick Dughi wrote:
>> On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Joackim Birgersson wrote:
>> I know I don't have the right numbers here, so I expect someone
>> to correct me, but I think I heard that UO has something between
>> 2 and 4 man-years of CG work put into it?  How long did it take
>> for that to happen, and are they already looking a bit more
>> blocky and chunky than the most recently advertised sexy, new
>> MMPOG's?

> I recall telling me it was 10-15 man-years.

UO had around 40 man-years of artwork in it on the final CD. More
than that was generated, but a lot of it was discarded. Not all of
what was generated was available to players from the get go.


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