[MUD-Dev] Server hosting

Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Tue Jul 10 21:06:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Brian Hook wrote:

> Oh, just as a followup, mudservices.com's web page is "temporarily
> unavailable", and Inetsolve specifically forbids graphical games
> or text clients for anything BUT a MUD.  You can't even host an
> IRC channel with them.  The other services seem to gate by TCP
> connections (on rather low-end hardware), which is rather moot for
> a UDP based graphical MUD.

Mudservices is a joke. You do not want to use them. Mudservices
was/is a part of Hostme 123. It was started by Hostme's president,
Kenn Waggenheim just because he liked MUDs, and used to be an
excellent service. We had a dedicated server with them, and whenever
we had a problem, I'd just e-mail Kenn and he'd take care of it.

Unfortunately, about 18 months ago, if memory serves me correctly,
Hostme 123 was bought by Fast.net. At that point, they went straight
to hell. Kenn was no longer involved at all with Mudservices, and
Mudservices announced awhile ago that they'd stopped taking new
customers (hosting a bunch of small MUDs is not the way to make
money). We stayed with them for quite awhile, mainly because we
rarely have any problem we need their attention for, but after they
told us they'd no longer let us pay them to upgrade our server, we
had to move.

Anyway, mudservices is basically dead.

> I'm sure they may consider a graphical MUD host if approached
> individually though.  I'm actually surprised at the number of MUD
> hosting services available. I can't imagine how it would be
> profitable...

It's not really. I've talked with a bunch of the operators, and they
make very little considering the amount of hassle they have to go
through for jokers paying $20/month for their mud account.


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