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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Tue Jul 10 22:34:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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>> I was wondering if someone from the MMORPG dev teams, or from the
>> large scale MUD dev teams would answer a question for me.  How do
>> you guys handle Strings in game and the associated heap
>> fragmentation of dynamically allocated string classes?  Is anyone
>> using third part Heap managers or replacement libraries?  Are you
>> using fixed string classes?  Are you sharing strings for common
>> objects/mobs?

>> Been pondering multiple ways to solve the issue of Heap
>> management and the string issue is a thorn in my side.

> Well I don't work on on MUD, but its a standard C++ programming
> pattern (I'm assuming you are using C++). Why would you buy a
> third party heap manager when you could just write your own?

> 'Effective C++' (by Scott Meyers) covers implementing a custom
> memory manager for a class. If you don't own this book and the
> follow up 'More Effective C++' and you code in C++ you are missing
> out anyway, they are very valuable books.

> Dan

Just a couple of clarifications:

We are using C++ and we have initially chosen the Windows 2K
Advanced Server as a platform of choice.  By release time I am sure
this will be the Windows XP family of products.  The heap manager
that I was referring to in the previous message is SmartHeap SMP


I have thought about using this heap manager in an effort to reduce
development/debugging time as well as increasing
scalability/performance.  The only reason I wouldn't implement my
own is that I would think we could put our talent to better use
given that we can buy a replacement library such as this one.
Writing a threadsafe, SMP aware heap manager isn't a core design
function that requires inhouse development in my opinion, especially
with a proven one on the market for a reasonable price.

Anyway thanks for all of the feedback.


ps Before someone points it out to me, I am currently in contact
with Codeworks to determine if Windows 2K compatibility is available
for SmartHeap SMP.

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