[MUD-Dev] Toward a Craftier Dragon

Matt Owen MOwen at Channel4.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 09:22:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

rayzam <rayzam at home.com> wrote:

> This PvP interaction is entirely different than the suggested
> interaction of players stealing from dragon's hordes. However, I
> bet it makes for a possibly more interesting game...

Also lets not forget physical attributes. A mature dragon can be 50
times the size of your average human, so there would be places in
the world he/she simply could not go or fit into, such as human
dwellings, caves, dungeons etc. Likewise, humans wouldn't normally
be able to fly, so certain dragon-friendly locations would be hard
to get to, such as the tops of craggy mountains or the edges of
cliffs. This no-go situation could force some very ingenious
gameplay where each player-type tries to get to locations they
wouldn't normally have access to. A savvy dragon player would store
his/her hoard in a location only a dragon could easily get to.

Also, other than killing/co-operating with dragons, what else do the
humans have to quest for ?


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