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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Thu Jul 12 22:49:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Matt Mihaly

> I don't know when they did this, but I applaud Verant for finally
> experimenting a bit with their business model.

>   https://store.station.sony.com/eq_char_moves/index.jsp

> It details how you can pay $50-$300 to move character(s) between
> servers and your various accounts.

I have to say that this is interesting, though not wholly
attractive.  It seems that they really bend you over the barrel
before your allowed to move.  First it costs you more than the
actual game to move a single character.  Second you have to give up
all your items in a item intense game.  Third they restrict the
number of times you can move.

  1: If it remains that expensive to cover costs(I doubt it), then
  the following clause should not be in there in my opinion.  It
  seems a bit arrogant and un-customer service like.  After all I
  would be paying a large amount of money for this service.

    "All approved requests will be processed when reasonably
    practicable to do so. SOE/Verant reserves the right to deny any
    attempted request to transfer in its sole and absolute
    discretion for any reason or no reason."

  2: Why not be able to give old items away or sell them.  I agree
  with the coinless itemless transfer for game balance reasons, I
  can't see where an item already in game on the old server hurts
  the balance of the game as you leave.  Seems to me like they want
  to kill two birds with one stone and execute rebalancing efforts
  and removal of items from the world.  Not something I would
  entirely pay for seeing I thought that effort was covered in the

  3: Wouldn't this restrict a potential business revenue that is
  nearly identical to a year's subscription(or more in many cases).
  It has to take significantly more resources to manage a character
  for a whole year.(storage, admin, datacenter, GM, petitions...)
  You would think they would be eager to accept this from a business
  standpoint as it has to be more profitable especially if they
  automated it through tools.  If you transfer with no items to an
  established server, how hard could it hurt the balance of the
  server.  *shrug*

	Aside from this, I too aplaud them for trying to experiment
	with alternative forms of revenue and value added services.
	It is a good start.


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