[MUD-Dev] Chatting in MMPORPGs

Adam Martin amsm2 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jul 13 09:14:30 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: <lhulbert at hotmail.com>

>> Am I the only one who finds the inability to identify speakers
>> annoying? :) And how do you overcome it?!

> The way nature does, of course.  Have the character's mouth move
> in concert with the voice :P.

> While that may sound flippant, it is the eventual result.  Any
> other solution will just be a stand-in until we get the processing
> power and bandwith to allow us full virtual representations.

Matrox just sent me a newsflash promoting the G550 and its
"HeadCaster" technology - this is supposed to serve just such a
purpose - the main thrust of their marketing seems to be "makes
videoconferences and online chat work in 3D".

  "unique HeadCasting™ Engine accelerating 3D online communication"


  "The unique Matrox HeadCasting™ Engine is designed specifically to
  accelerate the animation of a high-definition(1), photo-realistic
  3D version of your head in real time, while offloading your
  CPU. In conjunction with the bundled suite of HeadCasting™
  applications, the Millennium G550 introduces never before seen
  application areas for 3D in business and recreational online

Adam M

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