[MUD-Dev] DGN: Craftier dragon and players as GMs

Mathieu Castelli mcastell at noos.fr
Fri Jul 13 11:46:03 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Jul 11 Travis Nixon wrote:

> Allow players to control monsters, but put it on some sort of
> advancement scale, so that in the beginning they could only play
> the lowliest of creatures.  Obviously, some hefty logging would
> have to be going on, because advancement would be more a matter of
> proving you can play the system without abusing it.  Of course,
> with enough people playing this way, it would be difficult if not
> impossible to review all the logs,

Controling monsters is very much like creating a quest: having ooc
powers to pour interactive content in the game.  I have been
scraching my head for a while on a similar problem: how to manage
the advancement scale for GMs in my game ?

At the first "GM-level", which everyplayer starts at, the player is
granted very limited tools: he can only create "1st level events"
and reroute from the object distribution engine "1st level" objects
for his players (so as to prevent inflation-no item enters the world
that wouldn't have anyway). As the GM moves along the scale the
system grants him more and more powers until he can unfold his great
background-changing story having reached the last stage, let's say
the fifth.

The question here is the same: how one moves up (or down !) the
scale ?

The only answer I have so far is to have players vote. In my
problem, the GM first declares the player he's going to "master" and
at several points in the adventure those players are getting a
question box to quickly fill their impression on the GM.

In fact, what is needed is a rep system made by players but not for
players, this time it's for the sys admins.

So for monsters...tell me if I'm wrong but your concern about
evaluation of the goblin-player performance is only about encounters
with other players ? You don't care if the goblin-player, unoticed
at nights in the woods, recites some Blake ?

>	"Why should I be bound to thee
>	O my my lovely mirtle tree ?"
>	Sysadmin:>> Haxxor D00d, that is enough, out of that goblin skin !

You mostly care about player encounter ? I suggest the same I intend
to use. Pop a question-voting box after the encounter (for ex at the
death of one of the protagonist, whether his skin was green or

  * Only with high enough scores can a player move up ( or down )

  * At first stage, your sys admins get warned when one reaches
    really low count and can then ponder banning the player from
    this aspect of the game.

Hope I was of any help, but mostly hope that this steers a
discussion with people ahead on the thoughts line.
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