[MUD-Dev] Libs for 3D Client/Servers

Jeremy Noetzelman jjn at kriln.com
Fri Jul 13 21:05:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, J C Lawrence wrote:

> Additionally as rights to all derived works are perforce granted
> to them, specifically encluding all marketing and sales rights,
> there no possibility for any of the following without their
> agreement:

They want the rights to derived works so that if you abandon a
successful game, they can produce a sequel.  This is their stated
intent, at least.

>   -- Produce a derived game and make it available freely, or for
>   which I otherwise determine the cost structures (the license is
>   actually ambiguous and minorly contradictory on the score of
>   free games, but the intent seems clear from the rest of the
>   license).

Actually, you can produce any game you want with V12 and give it
away for free.  You can pay the $100 license fee just to see the
inner workings of the engine, if you want.  The major restriction is
that anything you SELL has to be distributed via their mechanisms.
You determine what price to set, if you sell it, though they will
indeed recommend pricing based on the quality of your game.  But
they won't prevent you from pricing at say $500/copy if you felt so

>   -- Produce a derived game under a compatible and more
>   restrictive license (eg may only be played by FOO)

I'm not sure whether they restrict the license you can place on a
game produced with V12.  They aren't, however, placing any
restrictions on non V12 based games, including sequels etc, from
what I've been told.

>   -- Produce a game which violates US-based IP laws but which is
>   legal in the country of production (cf crypto lawrs, trademarks,
>   IP, etc).

Correct .... since they're based out of Oregon, if they sell
something that violates US IP laws, they're in a world of hurt.

> Further the definition of deliverable to GarageGames is not
> defined as to object code or source.  The IP ramifications of the
> latter are unpleasant at best.

Object code, from what I'm told, though it's not specified in the

> The license seems to be variously and non-commital as to use
> rights for IP owned by the developer

They've made it clear in their forums that they reserve IP, for the
above stated purposes.

Like I said before (and others have as well) it's a good engine to
look at and muck with, but it's not suitable for real commercial


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