[MUD-Dev] DGN: Craftier dragon and players as GMs

Mathieu Castelli mcastell at noos.fr
Sun Jul 15 10:59:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Le Vendredi 13 Juillet 2001, Matt Mihaly a écrit (On JUL 13 2001
22:13, Matt Mihaly wrote) :
> On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Mathieu Castelli wrote:

>> Controling monsters is very much like creating a quest: having
>> ooc powers to pour interactive content in the game.  I have been
>> scraching my head for a while on a similar problem: how to manage
>> the advancement scale for GMs in my game ?

> Erm, why wouldn't you just promote them when you think they are
> ready to be promoted?

Asking me this you must have a slight idea of the answer (I hope you
don't imagine I hadn't thought of THAT way of tackling the problem
:) ) My goal is to have many players creating adventures for their
friends. So you can tell me I'll only have a few, so I can review
them "manually" but I'm aiming at a lot that will have to be
promoted automatically.

> Managing advancement ladders on scales FAR greater than any MUD
> administration is not exactly a new idea, and it's not done by
> letting the users/customers vote.

So how is it done matt ? And how could it transpose to MUDs. I'm
just asking for help, and you tell me what I've come up with so far
is no good :)

(BTW, it's not MUD admin. See below)

> (Can you imagine if, say, promotions for General Motors employees
> were done by customer voting?)

Aaaaah !! I get it. Misunderstanding here.  GMs are players. They
have no different status. Admins != GMs. Original sense of GM: game
master, from pen and paper. GMs in my game won't be different than
the GM of neverwinter nights, except they won't use separated pieces
of the world but will play directly in my game.

(I'm aware of the terrible balance/cheating risks... )

All players can log as GMs and create a small adventure for some
friends in the game. But they all start at the first GM level. Some
might get banned from this part of the game, after they're proven
bad at it (only in it for abusing the powers granted to GMs).

So if I think that

  1 my game will be popular

  2 many players will want to master..

I need an automated system that promotes the good GMs and flags the
bad ones. I'll still review when promotion occurs, or one is getting
terrible scores, but I need something to steer my attention in the
right direction to save my team time.

As a reminder.. the ladder lets GMs create objects and events more
and more powerful for their quests, which are always taylor made,
and can't be repeated.
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