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Dave Rickey daver at mythicentertainment.com
Sun Jul 15 13:16:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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From: Derek Licciardi <kressilac at home.com>

>  2: Why not be able to give old items away or sell them.  I agree
>  with the coinless itemless transfer for game balance reasons, I
>  can't see where an item already in game on the old server hurts
>  the balance of the game as you leave.  Seems to me like they want
>  to kill two birds with one stone and execute rebalancing efforts
>  and removal of items from the world.  Not something I would
>  entirely pay for seeing I thought that effort was covered in the
>  subscription.

Item inflation in EQ is approaching collapse levels, anything that
speeds that process up is bad.

>  3: Wouldn't this restrict a potential business revenue that is
>  nearly identical to a year's subscription(or more in many cases).
>  It has to take significantly more resources to manage a character
>  for a whole year.(storage, admin, datacenter, GM, petitions...)
>  You would think they would be eager to accept this from a
>  business standpoint as it has to be more profitable especially if
>  they automated it through tools.  If you transfer with no items
>  to an established server, how hard could it hurt the balance of
>  the server.  *shrug*

They're paranoid about eBay, many of the restrictions on the
circumstances under which they will transfer characters are
obviously an attempt to prevent this of being of any use in an eBay

Of course, if they *did* allow transaction that would remove the
long-term fraud potential from an eBayed character, many of their
business reasons for outlawing eBay would evaporate (since they'd no
longer be made into unwitting accomplices in that fraud).

> Aside from this, I too aplaud them for trying to experiment with
> alternative forms of revenue and value added services.  It is a
> good start.

Well, it certainly sets the price point high and the service level

--Dave Rickey

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