[MUD-Dev] To good to be TRUE, in an MMPORPG?

Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Wed Jul 18 18:05:03 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, David Loeser wrote:

> I found this site some months ago and have been watching it with
> interest; www.glitchless.com the game is called Dawn. They are
> aiming really high and I'm not sure how much of it is possible
> with current or five years in the future technology.

No offence to these guys as people aiming high should be applauded,
but I don't think they really have any idea what they're
doing. Their plans for PvP just REEK of cluelessness. I also got a
kick out of this, from the FAQ, "The people who are just "playing
for fun" and have the "its just a game" mentality will choose to
play the other games."

So apparently their goal ISN'T for people to have fun. Those people
should go somewhere else. Unless you're trying to make money off
selling items or doing research, I can't imagine why else you'd play
a MUD.


  39)  Q: What are the rules of conduct?

  A: Stay in character.  There isn't room for OOC in this game.  As
  long as you are in character you can basically do whatever you
  wish. Some characters are evil; they will be expected to do evil
  things.  Many races dislike other races.  A drunkened dwarf may
  spout off sexist remarks to his wench.  As long as things are done
  in character they are acceptable.  We will not be punishing people
  who engage in harmless OOC conversations, but if you are running
  around spouting Tu-Pac lyrics, the gods might have bust a cap.

I got a good chuckle out of the naivete demonstrated in that,
particularly combined with the hypocrisy of:

  24)  Q: What happens to your stuff when you die?

  A: Nothing special.  Your items stay on your corpse and are
  lootable by anyone.  Your house remains the same, all the locks
  stay locked.  If people learn of your death they may decide to
  knock down your house, but you can also make another character in
  the same area and get back into your house (if you have a spare
  key hidden somewhere and/or remember the magic word that opens
  your lock) to reclaim stored items.  Usually players will be
  hunting in groups and in the case of an untimely death your group
  members could keep your goods for a new character that you create.
  This is an OOC activity, however, and although we will do nothing
  to prevent this from happening we don't consider it good role

There is apparently MUCH room for OOC behavior in the game. If their
'enforcement' mechanisms consist of vague admin disapproval, they
may as well give up now (they may as well give up now anyway, as I
don't think it's possible to maintain a stricly roleplayed
environment with tens of thousands of players). I was generally
annoyed by pompous, naive claims like, "Unlike its predecessors (EQ,
AC, and UO), Dawn will be a well-balanced haven for both hardcore
roleplayers and gamers." *wipes the tears from his eyes as he
convulses in laughter*

Maybe that's possible if you NEVER let the gamers and roleplayers
interact, and if roleplayers never want to be gamers and gamers
never want to be roleplayers, but then one would question why you
are trying to put them into the same world.

>   * The ability for characters to tattoo their avatars - instant
>   recognition to other players.

Shrug, you can tattoo yourself in Achaea with a variety of magical
tattoos. If they didn't do anything, they'd be just like
clothing. If you're talking about people submitting their own
tattoos, well, on $10/month I'd be awfully impressed if they had the
staff/money to screen out the giant penis tattoos and tattoos
screaming "EMINEM RULZ".
>   * Digging holes and ditches to change the flow of water.

Yeah, that's cool, though it opens up a whole area of grief play. I,
for instance, would delight in creating a ton of characters, setting
up a trigger system for them, and diverting any water I could find
into towns, across roads, etc.

>   * Avatars will remain in game when you log of - they will appear
>   sleeping and will be protected by the gods.

Interesting I guess, though if they're protected by the gods from
anything bad happening to them, ultimately a bit pointless. So some
guy's icon is there, untouchable, when he logs off *shrug*.


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