[MUD-Dev] Gearing up against GEAR

Sean Kelly sean at ffwd.cx
Sat Jul 21 14:57:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Dan MacDonald" <danmac at windows.microsoft.com>

> Here's a link to Dr.Twisters Gear page. Apparently it works for
> other Games as well, essentially what it does is multiply the
> packets sent By the client up to 256 times, confusing the server.

I don't understand how flooding with duplicate packets should speed
you up, at least in an MMORPG.  I had thought that AC was a
"real-time turn-based" game, where the server manages how long
actions take to complete and whatnot.  In such a situation, the best
a packet flood could accomplish would be to queue up multiple
actions, which the server would execute in its own good time.

I can see how it would bug them from a bandwidth perspective,
however.  It sounds like GEAR is a nifty new way to DOS-attack a
game server.


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