[MUD-Dev] To good to be TRUE, in an MMPORPG?

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Mon Jul 23 08:57:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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>>> I found this site some months ago and have been watching it with
>>> interest; www.glitchless.com the game is called Dawn. They are
>>> aiming really high and I'm not sure how much of it is possible
>>> with current or five years in the future technology.

>> Yeah, there's alot of interesting stuff there, I've only glanced
>> over most of it, but I've been accepted as part of the beta team
>> (whenever they get a beta out) They're currently having financial
>> problems (go figure) and are developing a "toned down" version of
>> Dawn which they're calling Dusk, Dusk will be overhead strategy
>> type game layout, but with the capability to switch to first
>> person using a unit as a point of perspective (they've already
>> coded their 3d stuff, so this was pretty easy on their part)...

> Every single individual who signed up for their "beta test" were
> and still are accepted.  You can write your name as Queen
> Elizabeth or John Rambo, fill up your = signup-application with
> curses and harsh words, write nothing at all - you still get
> accepted.

> Don't be too sure that you'll ever see a beta test of Dawn.  Even
> hard-core Dawn-fans and protectors (against the hordes of =
> "non-believers") have given up and realized that it just MIGHT be
> the case that this game will never be = released, or even made at
> all.

I found the FAQ's claim about "the only reason other games don't
have more than 100k players per server" particularly illuminating -
they seemed to be unaware that there are some minor technical
problems with more than 100,000 players connected to the same

Although I'm now getting "Connection Refused" from Glitchless?

Adam M
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