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Mathieu Castelli mcastell at noos.fr
Tue Jul 24 09:38:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Le Lundi 23 Juillet 2001 22:41, luke at rocketship.com a écrit (On the Lundi 23 
Juillet 2001 22:41, luke at rocketship.com wrote) :

> Sort of makes me wonder though, why aren't MUDs used more for
> educational purposes? Instead of requiring the skills of patience,
> aliasing, and killing, why not require/teach important things like
> economics, engineering, and science? Just make some quests with
> the appropriate problems.  Seems like most "educational" MUDs I've
> visited are MUSHes and MOOs that try to make a virtual clone of
> their university or something. Has anybody made a MUD with an
> actual tutorial for a real-world peacetime problem, where the
> characters could get real points for solving it? Could such a MUD
> even be fun?

Just like the Book in Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson). If you want to
get an idea on what would such a MUD look like, by all means, read
this masterpiece.

If there had been educational content in all the games we played, if
instead of click fest there had been questions to kill
monsters...how smarter would we be today ? Especially when we were
young and our brain was changing so fast...
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