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Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Tue Jul 24 10:27:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: <luke at rocketship.com>
> "Travis Nixon" <tnixon at avalanchesoftware.com> wrote:

>> Have to throw in the compulsory "hear, hear" here.  All games
>> involve real-world skills.  Period.

> That is a very good point. Sort of makes me wonder though, why
> aren't MUDs used more for educational purposes? Instead of
> requiring the skills of patience, aliasing, and killing, why not
> require/teach important things like economics, engineering, and
> science? Just make some quests with the appropriate problems.
> Seems like most "educational" MUDs I've visited are MUSHes and
> MOOs that try to make a virtual clone of their university or
> something. Has anybody made a MUD with an actual tutorial for a
> real-world peacetime problem, where the characters could get real
> points for solving it? Could such a MUD even be fun?

Even though most muds don't specifically teach real world skills,
they do teach computer skills.  I've gotten several of my friends
into mudding and watched them learn about 4 years of CS courses in 6
months simply from the practice they get typing, visiting web pages,
copying data, etc... all the necessary skills related to muds.

I agree that it'd be nice to have a few more educational games out
there, but there are several useful real world skills that muds

-- Kwon Ekstrom

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