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Koster Koster
Tue Jul 24 11:38:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Justin Rogers
> [Luke]
>> That is a very good point. Sort of makes me wonder though, why
>> aren't MUDs used more for educational purposes? Instead of
>> requiring the skills of patience, aliasing, and killing, why not
>> require/teach important things like economics, engineering, and
>> science? Just make some quests with the appropriate problems.
>> Seems like most "educational" MUDs I've visited are MUSHes and
>> MOOs that try to make a virtual clone of their university or
>> something. Has anybody made a MUD with an actual tutorial for a
>> real-world peacetime problem, where the characters could get real
>> points for solving it? Could such a MUD even be fun?

> This falls under the primary idea of logic puzzles and teasers. 

It doesn't have to. Arguably, running a vendor in UO teaches basic
profit and loss and business management, in a more dynamic market
environment than standalone games usually offer. And many people
seem to find it fun...

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