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Luke Parrish luke at rocketship.com
Tue Jul 24 13:54:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:48:25 +0100
"Dave Talk21" <dave.a.gordon at talk21.com> wrote:

> It seems to me that the creation of an edu-Mud would be a far from
> easy task... the flow of the game would be the biggest problem,
> but more importantly online xp is far different from RL xp... how
> would the process of creating harder questions be done in order to
> beat harder mobs?

Well, with math problems it's simple to make them harder - just
increase the size of the numbers being manipulated. Basicly their
success rate in answering test questions would determine whether
they gain exp or lose it, and higher levels have to answer harder
questions. Probably the trick would be to randomize the order the
questions are asked in, tweak them every once in a while, make sure
some are trick questions, just like usually happens with tests. It's
a good question whether tests on subjects unrelated to combat should
affect one's combat abilities. On the other hand, being good at
chemistry, for example, might simply make you better able to create
potions and poisons, which would be good for combat.  Knowledge of
physics might help in forging armour and weapons.  Besides which,
combat and exp don't have to be the only important parts of a
MUD. There's money, skills, quests, and languages as well. I'm even
thinking on a MUD engine that lets you have whole families of

I'm sure it would be kind of tough to bootstrap a MUD like this,
seeing as how there's no stock edu-MUDs out there that I can find.
Maybe I should try to make a mudlib for LPC with the educational
features in it.


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