[MUD-Dev] Re: Real-world skills

Luke Parrish luke at rocketship.com
Tue Jul 24 16:34:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[Dave G]

> The problem I see with localisation is not simple aliasing of
> language and grammar, its the users' decoding of your intentions,
> the idea that a puzzle translates regardless of language, this
> includes logic problems and even simple arithmetic problems is
> unfounded. Quite literally you would need to create different
> products for different markets... this is where you end up writing
> a non-translatable product and have to curtail its access to the
> wider public. to place it on the Internet could be detrimental to
> the learning esteem of the user. To make it "educationally safe"
> to place on the Internet you would need some serious Internet
> socio-linguistic help - and there are only hmm..... about four
> decent Internet focused socio-linguists on earth... and day after
> day the demand for them is becomming more and more recognised. So
> you may end up having to settle for second best and then get
> ridiculed for producing problematising software - instead of
> assiting people in learning, you end up accused of harming their
> development skills... what a life. I think it is a brilliant idea,
> in theory, the practicalities of it all would require considerable
> financial backing to do it correctly or a serious amount of
> alturistic assistance.

I was under the impression he was talking about computer
languages. You do make an interesting point, if I get your
meaning. Perhaps it would be simpler to use Esperanto? I think I'd
put at least an Esperanto channel on my MUD, just because I think
Esperanto is cool. Also it seems like it would be a good idea to
have native speakers write the foreign-language rooms and objects,
to avoid incorrect grammar. Also be sure to post adequate
disclaimers and offer rewards to people who point out grammatical


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