[MUD-Dev] Mud Clients (was Real-world skills)

Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Tue Jul 24 19:04:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Justin Rogers" <justin at mlstoday.com>

> generally well described in a 2 dimensional perspective.  However,
> nobody has yet to release a decent client for a 2 dimensional MUD.
> We see text muds and 3D muds, but the only 2D MUD I've seen is
> something akin to Pueblo or RIP graphics (which suck).

> Okay, that's enough of a brain dump.  Its definitely intriguing,
> and I have a 2D DirectDraw client written in C# using .NET Beta 2
> bits that would work very well if I defined a protocol for
> transferring graphics information down from the server to the
> client.  Maybe we can mock up some prototypes.

Since the new mud protocol discussion several months back I've done
work off and on for an html based client.

Pretty much I was using the IE com component to modify the document
structure similar to how javascript does it, using XML input.
Currently I can set an attribute's value, replace the text of an
element, or append to the text of an element.  It'd target frames,
elements, or elements within frames.

For my test app, I had 3 frames, one received channels, another
received information, and the third acted like an advanced prompt.
It's not really 2d, but it's very enriched text, and has a low
learning curve since most people know html already.  The game I
wrote them for is one I'm developing from scratch, all the XML
implementation details are pretty well hidden there, my goal is to
use XSL to transform it client side so you only need to send raw
data to the client, they get a request for the stylesheet, download
and cache it...

It'd probably have a higher average bandwidth usage per user than
telnet clients do, but it's well worth it IMHO.

-- Kwon Ekstrom

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