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Dave Talk21 dave.a.gordon at talk21.com
Tue Jul 24 21:53:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> [Dave G]

>> The biggest problem to all of this is localisation - runing on
>> internal networks would be okay, but running it on an open
>> network like the Internet would be a big time problem maker.

> I'm semi-prepared for that eventuality since the .NET Frameworks
> easily localizes down to as many possible languages as you can
> make the resources for.  And programming using resources is just
> as easy as putting the static string in, sometimes even easier.

> Its not that localization is a problem, its that most languages or
> frameworks don't provide an easy mechanism to use and swap out
> resources based on locale.  And I don't know of any that will
> allow you to change the resources while the program is running,
> (except for .NET of course).  [snipped]

The problem I see with localisation is not simple aliasing of
language and grammar, its the users' decoding of your intentions,
the idea that a puzzle translates regardless of language, this
includes logic problems and even simple arithmetic problems is
unfounded. Quite literally you would need to create different
products for different markets... this is where you end up writing a
non-translatable product and have to curtail its access to the wider
public. to place it on the Internet could be detrimental to the
learning esteem of the user. To make it "educationally safe" to
place on the Internet you would need some serious Internet
socio-linguistic help - and there are only hmm..... about four
decent Internet focused socio-linguists on earth... and day after
day the demand for them is becomming more and more recognised. So
you may end up having to settle for second best and then get
ridiculed for producing problematising software - instead of
assiting people in learning, you end up accused of harming their
development skills... what a life. I think it is a brilliant idea,
in theory, the practicalities of it all would require considerable
financial backing to do it correctly or a serious amount of
alturistic assistance.

Dave  G
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