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Wed Jul 25 01:50:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> Err... actually, I did somthing like this for a previous
> employer. They made a fancy factory-automation system for testing
> and repairing flat panels before assembly, and I made a MUSH-based
> 'world' that was the testing system, with information about how to
> troubleshoot & replace various components as well as what they did
> and how they were reflected in the main software. All
> plain-vanilla MUSH 2 code with simple softcode. It wasn't
> difficult to create, aside from gathering complete enough
> information to actually be useful to customers or
> technicians. With a little Pueblo support, it would have been easy
> to add appropriate images, though the project never got that
> far. I did, however, have enough done to show that a training MU*
> for some real-world problems is not that hard to do.  

Certainly, virtual training suites are clearly an easy area in which
MU*s can be used to generate test situations - but this is more a
flat-based construction with little dynanicism or evolution
contained within - the system could have been appropriated in any
number of mediums. But I take the point that EduMuds can be created,
if not static in nature and for a closed audience.

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