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Wed Jul 25 01:57:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2001


> Well, with math problems it's simple to make them harder - just
> increase the size of the numbers being manipulated. Basicly their
> success rate in answering test questions would determine whether
> they gain exp or lose it, and higher levels have to answer harder
> questions. Probably the trick would be to randomize the order the
> questions are asked in, tweak them every once in a while, make
> sure some are trick questions, just like usually happens with
> tests. [snip]

Your last line hits the first and main problem - what is usual to
one group is not necessari;y usual for all... Not all students learn
Mathematics in the same way, the same curriculum etc... and now we
start getting into the ground of the larger the audience the less
successful the Edu-Mud is going to be.

> It's a good question whether tests on subjects unrelated to combat
> should affect one's combat abilities. On the other hand, being
> good at chemistry, for example, might simply make you better able
> to create potions and poisons, which would be good for combat.
> Knowledge of physics might help in forging armour and weapons.
> Besides which, combat and exp don't have to be the only important
> parts of a MUD. There's money, skills, quests, and languages as
> well. [snip]

I agree that an inter-relation of skill assessment should be
associated with mud-wide skill usage as you have suggested above.

> I'm even thinking on a MUD engine that lets you have whole
> families of characters. [snip]

*smiles* Heh - I am just about finished this very project along with
some other AI systems which really bring the mud world to life, even
if you are the only person logged on! It's great to play too

> I'm sure it would be kind of tough to bootstrap a MUD like this,
> seeing as how there's no stock edu-MUDs out there that I can find.
> Maybe I should try to make a mudlib for LPC with the educational
> features in it.  

The only stock Edu-Mud that I know is owned by MIT... err, it is
called...  err... sending the request to long term
memory.... err.... D'Oh! somthing Moo, Amy Bruckman's work.

Dave G
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