[MUD-Dev] Re: Real-world skills

Bruce Mitchener bruce at puremagic.com
Wed Jul 25 03:12:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Dave Talk21 wrote:
> [Luke]

>> I'm sure it would be kind of tough to bootstrap a MUD like this,
>> seeing as how there's no stock edu-MUDs out there that I can
>> find.  Maybe I should try to make a mudlib for LPC with the
>> educational features in it.

> The only stock Edu-Mud that I know is owned by MIT... err, it is
> called...  err... sending the request to long term
> memory.... err.... D'Oh! somthing Moo, Amy Bruckman's work.

Diversity University:  http://www.du.org/
eDUcore: http://www.du.org/educore/database/manuals/
enCore: http://lingua.utdallas.edu/encore/
MacMOOSE: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/fac/Amy.Bruckman/MacMOOSE/
TkMOO's MacMOOSE support: http://www.awns.com/tkMOO-light/macmoose.html


  - Bruce

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