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> Where my stance is the opposite, traditional storytelling was
> directed, the teller aimed it at an audience.  We *can't* seem to
> tell stories very well in this environment, the usual player
> response to attempts at "plot" is a yawn.  Is it because we don't
> know how, or because it just isn't a place to "tell" stories?

It may just be a clash of expectations. As has been pointed out
earlier, the majority of our audience members are agressive
escapists. Taking that supposition to parts, they're not geared by
nature for the sort of investigation and "soft" play required to
drive a plot more deep than "this needs to be killed and an item
returned to me" along. In looking for a form of escape... Well, to
be honest, the average Joe equates "escape" with "not having to
think too much", and resents situations where he has to being thrust
upon him.

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