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From: "Vincent Archer" <archer at frmug.org>
> According to Eli Stevens:

>>> The way nature does, of course.  Have the character's mouth move
>>> in concert with the voice :P.

>> And add positional audio clues.  If someone says something behind
>> you, you know which way to turn and all that.

>> I only have 2 speakers on my box ATM, can anyone pipe up and say
>> how effective EAX and other 3d sound systems are?

> Bad.

IME, pretty good. For quake3/UT, amazingly good - your effectiveness
against people good enough to sneak up on you, or in games with lots
of people around, increases hugely.

Few people's positional hearing is that good anyway in comparison to
visual precision. Hence most people seem not to notice that the
position where the sound seems to be coming from was only within
+-30 degrees of the actual position, at least in FPS's - where the
general direction *really* makes a difference to your gameplay

>From the science of the positional audio systems, there is one
problem - the quality of the positional audio is most dependent on
the shape of your ears.  Since the processing being done is an
attempt to mimic the way your external ears interfere with the
source signal - i.e. making different frequencies louder, softer or
later - they have to simulate your exact ear shape.  Apparently,
current systems use an average of about 10,000 human ears. But the
more your ears are different from that average, the more your
mileage will vary.
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