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> But in most "media", utilitarian applications come first.  I'm not
> so sure we'll *ever* see a virtual world filled with people
> conducting mundane activities.

Hate to seem needlessly contradictory, but...  ;)

I would imagine that if conducting mundane activities in a virtual
world made something in the real world easier by an equal or greater
amount than what it took to do it virtually, people would do it.

Like if you could pick out groceries from a virtual store and then
only had to drive to the store, pay and pick up the bags, I suspect
people would do it (knowing nothing about store economics, I could
_imagine_ an automated warehouse being cheaper to run than a typical
store).  Yes, selecting it all from a web page would probably be
easier, but if that were not an option for some reason (visual
presentation of nearby goods to help induce the impulse buy?)...

Heck, if I could fire up Quake and hop on over to my school's
financial aid office server and argue with them about giving me my
scholarships without having to go down there and do it face to
face...  :)

Anyway...  Sorry if this drifts too much.  :)

>From Yahoo! News, June 4th, 2001:
"Gaza Gunbattle Threatens Cease-Fire"

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