[MUD-Dev] Something in the water

Hulbert Hulbert
Thu Jul 26 08:51:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

J C Lawrence wrote:

<SNIP>  <snip> <snip>  (whew...that was long... ;) )

> Underneath is a semi-Pavlovian model which assumes that positive
> rewards for Good Behaviour will encourage further Good Behaviour
> (Pavlov concentrated more on negative reinforcement).  Central to
> such an approach is the idea that the Good Behaviour can be both
> defined and quantified, and then, that given such (which is
> tacitly assumed) that a system can be arranged which created the
> positive reinforcement loop.

So...perhaps the easiest method would be to provide negative
reinforcement.  Of course, given that anything "negative" is to be
constantly bemoaned by a certain percentage of the player base, we
can disguise it as postive reinforcement.

My idea goes like this.  Make a list of difinite OOC activities.
The simplest example being a list of words that are considered
inappropriate to the setting.  In a fantasy setting, "Celtics" might
make it, but "49ers" might not.  "Computer", "Internet" and "IM" are
strictly out.  Log each occurence of a banned word or phrase against
the character.

Now, the disguise.  Allow a fixed amount of "RP" points for every
hour/day/minute/whatever spent in the MUD.  At some point, whether
it per login/reboot/week, compare the time spent in the MUD to the
time spent OOC.  Maybe every OOC breach subtracts 1/2 hour from your
RP time.  Reward points for whats left.

This has the strength of rewarding the introvert, as long as he/she
isn't talking to himself OOC.  It appears to be a reward system, so
it will engender less complaints.  It also allows for some other
penalties to be included.  Perhaps you run a family-oriented MUD,
and 4-letter words need to be discouraged.  Maybe you want to
penalise Paladins who attack beggars.  The system can be modified
fairly simply to allow for both.

Long enough....

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