[MUD-Dev] To good to be TRUE, in an MMPORPG?

Kristen L. Koster kkoster at austin.rr.com
Thu Jul 26 18:33:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

on 7/26/01 2:26 PM, Koster, Raph at rkoster at verant.com wrote:
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>> From: Freeman, Jeff

>> I don't want to be too harsh (because my coworkers will beat me
>> up), but mostly UO discovered new ways to do old things wrong,
>> but then scale is blamed for the inevitable results.

I believe many of the concepts that were tried in UO were never
brought to the light of day effectively. The level of team buy-in
and understanding to any design concept is sometimes more important
than issues of scale. If your idea for a better mouse trap can't be
conveyed to the guy who's going to manufacture it for you, it's not
going to be very effective. Especially if he tells you, "We don't
have time to manufacture springs too! We'll just ship them without!"

So I would agree that we discovered new ways to do old things wrong,
but I'd say that was mostly in the project management department. I
still don't believe many of the systems ever had a fair trial to say
that they could or couldn't work.

Kristen Koster

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