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Fri Jul 27 16:19:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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From: Koster, Raph

> Well, here's what looks like the second graphical mud kit
> available commercially. (Firts one I know of was Catware's
> _Shattered Light_). Next one is of course the much-followed
> _Neverwinter Nights_ from Bioware.

> A quickie look at the features seems to indicate that the
> scripting is not very robust, and that some key design choices are
> made for you, much like a Diku but without the ability to dive
> into the code to change things. But that's what you get for only
> $14.95

I looked at what remains of Shattered Light, (Catware is apparently
out of business.), and noticed that the tile sets in both SL and the
MMORPG Construction Kit are identical.  The game interface appears
to be different, but there are enough similarities to suggest the
MCK is possibly just a new incarnation of the SL engine.  Since SL
was critically panned when it came out, I guess it's not surprising
Past Tree is neglecting to mention their product's roots.


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