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> I'm going to have to study up on it again, I stopped before they
> started calling it HCI, after I quit making user interfaces.  Can
> you recommend any books or web-pages on the subject?

I listed some appropriate pages for this a few week's back, but to
save you trawling archives, here they are again:

  Alan Blackwell's notes for HCI course @ Cambridge:


Four main topics to this course:

  - Interaction techniques

  - Psychological user models

  - Evaluation of cognitive models (contains the part about mental

  - Task-oriented analysis

There are also four main HCI techniques included and explained -
roughly one for each of the topics - and a brief recommended book
list (8 books) plus internet resources (about a dozen) at the very
end, including some stuff I've found useful.

There isn't much more than I quoted about mental models, but read
the section and you should get enough phrases to put into search
engines.  There's also a web link for an HCI-specific bibliography
among the internet resources.

If you still draw a blank, let me know and I'll ask Dr. Blackwell
for some leads, and post to this list (rather than have many people
email asking for similar information).

Adam M
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