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To answer a couple of offline questions I've received (please ask
them here on the list!):

  1) No, there are no hunger/food issues

  2) No, there are no endurance or fatigue or weight issues

  3) My biggest problem so far playing the included Trinity of
  Darkness game?  I have two: one minor, one major.  The minor one
  is I'm so far unable to complete any quests because I can't find
  the Salt Mines/Zard Lair (the only quest I've stumbled over), and
  I've yet to find any distinctive objects that must complete quests
  I don't know about.

The major one: there is no camping (in the logging off sense), and
then returning to the spot you left.  You log off, and return to
your original starting point, no matter where you left the game.
Considering the fact that there are supposedly 100 maps (zones) in
the game, this is a real annoyance.  Apparently there are teleports
for higher level characters, but that doesn't measure up.

If you were to be serious about building a game with this kit, I'd
strongly suggest density of experience over sprawling landscape.
Fill a few close proximity maps with tons of quests, dungeons and
distractions.  You're only going to have 50 people tops, so things
shouldn't get real crowded.


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