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Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt hhs at cbs.dtu.dk
Mon Jul 30 12:44:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Eli Stevens wrote:
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>> Peter Tyson <ptyson at datamonitor.com> wrote:
>>> Am I the only one who finds the inability to identify speakers
>>> annoying? :) And how do you overcome it?!
>> The way nature does, of course.  Have the character's mouth move
>> in concert with the voice :P.
> And add positional audio clues.  If someone says something behind
> you, you know which way to turn and all that.
> I only have 2 speakers on my box ATM, can anyone pipe up and say
> how effective EAX and other 3d sound systems are?

On a similar note;

I know that much research has gone into mapping filters onto sound
depending on its poition to mimic real-life effects inside a virtual
world. I once saw a research setup, where you blindfolded would
'shoot at the sound' and a headmounted directional sensor would
detect and modify the 3D sound sources to mimic the filter our
headshape and earshape make to the sound depending on direction, so
it could be 'rendered' by a simple headset.

The reseachsetup worked extremely convincing, but i do not know if
it has found its way into gaming?

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