[MUD-Dev] DNA Game Patent [was Randy's Resume]

Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jul 30 22:35:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Christopher Allen
> Sometimes patents are ok (though I believe rarely so), but in
> particular I'm not fond of patents that I consider to be "obvious"
> but for some reason the patent examiners do not, or for which
> there was discussion or implementation a long time ago that is not
> mentioned in prior art.

MOST times patents are ok.    

This one is in fact brilliant!  Kudos to 3DO (and to Randy for the
opportunity to work on this thing).  I am amazed.  This is a truly
cool and totally unique idea for a game.  This isn't a software
patent at all BTW, it's a game patent.  Sometime I think y'all read
patents backwards from the inside out.  You can't pick out a line
item in a patent and say "Hey there's prior art for this!".  Well
doh.  Line items in patents aren't unique claims.  If they were
they'd have probably filed another separate claim (which isn't
unusual BTW).  Somebody even exclaimed on another patent claim
discussed here...  something very akin to "I can't believe they were
so brazen as to actually reference the prior art in their
application."  Doh again.  I think common sense might lead one to
maybe question whether they actually understood patents at all.
This is every bit as original as that famous hit card game that got
patented a few years back.  I note it's referenced in the patent for
some rather obvious reasons.  :-)

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