[MUD-Dev] free release of graphical MUD

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.COM
Tue Jul 31 22:31:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Having promised to release my full AmigaMUD sources a few months ago, I am
now finally ready to do so. Go here:


There are a few reasons why it has taken me so long:

  - too much time spent on other things, like my PS2
  - a couple small fixes to the server
  - much new stuff to improve the scenario, along with some fixes
  - much updating of old documentation
  - writing the new web-pages, etc.

On the pages you will find source and documentation for my CGMud
graphical MUD system (renamed and ported from the old AmigaMUD). On
the Client page, you can download the Java Application which is the
CGMud graphical client, and use it to play on the server I am
currently running. The game has *TERRIBLE* graphics - ignore them,
and learn instead about what this MUD server might be able to do for
you. The game isn't extremely large, but does have a combat region,
six quests, online building done with mouse buttons or commands,
socials, in-MUD mail and bulletin boards, etc.

Is the system complete and finished? No. See the "todo" file on the
Server page for many many things that could be done.

Is this server actually useful? Quite possibly. It is quite
efficient, and my 300Mhz P-II Linux box could possibly support
nearly 1000 players - the network link and the network processing
are likely the bottleneck.

Will I be supporting the system? That depends. If there is
significant outside interest in it, then I will naturally become
more interested in it.  If there is little interest, I'm unlikely to
do much more.

What licensing restrictions is the system under? None. If you use
it, please credit me. If you use it to make money, please consider
sharing with me.

Is the system restricted by any other licenses? Is it derived from
any other system? Not that I'm aware of. I've looked at the sources
to the very old "Monster" game, but other than that I don't think
I've even looked at the sources to any other MUD system - I like
doing things myself.

Am I interested in receiving updates, improvements, etc.? That
depends on my interest level and on the updates,
etc. themselves. For example, I have no interest whatsoever in the
code being changed from ANSI C to C++.

If nothing else, consider downloading the Java client and giving the
system a try. You might have some fun! Be sure to ignore the bad

Let me know of any troubles with the pages. I may also be able to
help with compilation problems. The server has some stuff to run
under Windows, but I've never actually tried to compile it
there. The client, being Java, should run pretty much anywhere that
has Java.

Chris Gray (cg at graysage.com)
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