[MUD-Dev] Wilderness

Freeman Freeman
Wed Aug 1 07:04:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: John Buehler [mailto:johnbue at msn.com]
> Sean Kelly writes:

>> Agreed.  Randomly generated wilderness is no fun.  Though fractal
>> terrain is quite realistic and discovering interesting areas
>> might lead to settlements and other community-forming
>> opportunities.  Perhaps if the players were provided with
>> sufficient ability to permanently shape their environment it
>> would work well.
> Algorithmic generation of terrain produces perfectly wonderful
> results.

I should clarify.  What I meant by "random terrain" was terrain that
was ever-changing.  Terrain that is algorithmically generated, but
then remains more or less static once it has been generated,
wouldn't annoy people (I don't think).  But it would annoy them if
it is different every time they see it.
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