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> There was another game on the Amiga that allowed characters to be
> maintained throughout a series of games... The name of the company
> was Omnitrend and I believe Peter Molyneux was the designer and
> his brother the programmer (pre Bullfrog days), IIRC, the name of
> the game was Breach 2 and it imported "marines" from Breach.

> The intro graphics displayed a few jigsaw puzzle pieces and the
> caption read, "An interlocking puzzle game" or something to that
> nature. I really thought that was extremely cool - way back when.

I played one of the other pieces, Rules of Engagement.  It was a
space battle simulator, one of the options in battle was to board
the enemy, and it could launch Breach to handle the combat rather
than just resolve it automatically.  Hoever, except that you
controlled the size of the attacking force you sent out, and how you
conducted the battle could affect the size of the defending force,
you couldn't really say that involved anything similar to the DNA
patent claims (since boarders were boarders either way).

On the other hand, I have dim memories of some top-scrolling arcade
shooter game where your vehicle was "triphibious", operating as a
plane, a boat, or a tank.  I remember *playing* it, but I don't
remember anything else about it, or even when it was beyond the fact
I was in the Air Force at the time (so it was no later than 93).
But the USAF rec facilities got their games from all over the world,
so it could have been some really obscure company.


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