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>> A heap would be faster, but AFAICS they both have the desired (
>> log(n) ) time complexity - a heap just has a lower constant
>> factor (and isn't in the standard libraries. Yet).

> But there are so many easily available implementations...

*cough*STL*cough* Ahem.  Excuse me.


> Pardon me, I'm just a heap big fan of interesting data
> structures. ;)


I love the standard template library.  Unabashedly.  ;) Of course,
it helps that it is for my language of choice and that I like
templates just a little too much (when templates are your only tool,
everything looks like a nail :).  I think the STL is a Good Thing,
but my practical/real world experience is limited.  Are there
problems with the STL lurking under the surface?  One aspect that
concerned me was that while it specifies the complexity of a given
operation, you don't have any control over the coefficients
involved.  Would it be a bad idea to rely on it too much?

I guess that would be hard to answer without a specific problem at
hand.  :(


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