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Matt Chatterley mpchatty at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 00:50:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Matt Mihaly <the_logos at achaea.com> 


> Well, frankly, our admins have better things to do than sitting
> around randomly watching players hoping for the player to do
> something interesting, particularly if the rewards are to be so
> rare. And, I think, that wouldn't solve the problem. If the reward
> isn't good enough to make them want it (ie it is rarely given out)
> then they aren't going to try for it.

I'm working on a project where player advancement is entirely based
on RP (its stricly a RP based game, admittedly). All players are
able to vote for another player (once a week, but not for the person
you voted last week). These votes, and submitted logs are used to
hand out points which can be used for character advancement
(training, which is also Roleplayed, with coded support systems).

The server will include the capability to log sessions (for those
whose clients can't), and logging of RP (in order to produce
chronicles, and so forth) will be heavily encouraged.

In short, the system for RP-Rewards will be largely playerdriven,
and admin supported, which to me, seems the way to go.

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