[MUD-Dev] Where to go with the maddog page

Frank Crowell maddog at shell9.ba.best.com
Fri Aug 3 11:20:32 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

As some of you may have notice, I don't spent hardly any time with
the maddog page.  Although I still get traffic, I have no idea why.
I am thinking about shutting down the page because it has little
current value or revamp it-- not sure which way to go.

Historically, the page began as a collection of material for the
early VRML definition days before Open Inventor won out as the basis
for the standard.  It also had some mud links, including some great
stuff that has been lost forever now.  And then an assortment of
business related, vworlds related.  And whatnots.  It was also the
only internet source for the Daily Spectrum for about a year or so.

Here are some ideas that I am noodling around with:

  -mud/vworlds projects -- what is going on, where/when.  Sort of
  like Variety's in production section.

  -mud/vworlds wanted/offered section.  Not a help wanted section,
  but something like it.  For example when the Palace needed some
  demo sites, I advertised on my mail list and got a couple people
  interested.  There was also the first internet game book where I
  actively solicited for many of the sections dealing with muds.  Or
  the NBC project or the San Jose TechMuseum.  You get the idea.

  -IP section.Tracking vworlds patents and other IP related issues.
  Contact info for licensing questions.  Legal battles and

  -technology resources.  Crystalspace/Genesis3D, mud servers, other
  things -- and licensing issues.

  -in the news -- sort of in the style of the Daily Spectrum, but
  more towards multiuser games and virtual worlds.

I am sure there are other things I could put there, but this list
already makes me tired.

Here is my question: is any of this worth doing?

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