[MUD-Dev] DNA Game Patent [was Randy's Resume]

F Farmer frandallfarmer at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 3 14:55:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

I'm having a bit of frustration because it is very clear to me that
some people are posting replies to replies to interpretations of
replies about this patent without even reading the actual patent! 
:-( It is the PATENT that has the force of US law not anyone here's
interpretation, _including mine._

And as I said in my first message on this topic, even if you think
any specific claim in a particular patent is weak, that doesn't in
any way make the entire patent invalid or unenforceable. As to
"combinational" patents, I don't see how you can possibly file a
patent that _doesn't_ build on other (potentially previously
patented) works. Even this patent depends on "computing devices" and
"networks" and so on. :-)

I see I'm going to have to contact my IP lawyer neighbor to get the
proper legal perspective on patent enforcement: I can't recall if it
is the "most restrictive interpretation standard" or the "most
liberal interpretation standard" which applies, and in what context
(sometimes the standard changes based on the phase of IP related
issues. For example, it could be that Prior Art is judged by a
different standard than Infringement.)

Please, before posting something specifically about this patent,
read the entire patent.

I wish I'd never excerpted that first claim. :-P

Someone mentioned that (AOLs?) NWN had a multi-game export/import
feature? Is this true? Can anyone document this?

Thanks A lot,

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