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Timothy O'Neill Dang tdang at email.arizona.edu
Fri Aug 3 16:24:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Jeff Freeman <jfreeman at verant.com> wrote:

> According to the FAQ, you can't use the d20 system to create an
> "Interactive Game".

>   http://www.wizards.com/D20/article.asp?x=3Ddt20010417d

>  Q: Does the definition of an "Interactive Game" preclude
>     me from creating an online RPG, MUD, MUSH, MOO, etc.?

>  A: Yes

It's difficult to be certain because of the entanglement of the two
licen= ses (the Open Gaming License and the d20 System License), but
as I read them you could use the basic game systems as defined in
the "System Reference Document" even for interactive games.


But you wouldn't be able to *say* that you were using the d20
system, or were compatible with it. Peculiar, and perhaps it would
make using the sy= stem worthless to you, but perhaps not.

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