[MUD-Dev] DNA Game Patent [was Randy's Resume]

Kevin Littlejohn darius at bofh.net.au
Sat Aug 4 04:24:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"Travis Nixon" wrote
> From: "F. Randall Farmer" <randy.farmer at pobox.com>
>> My non-lawyer, non-patentese interpretation of the limitations of
>> the first claim:
>>   Two or more _different_ networked (multiuser) games (which MUST
>>   include client software) that can use the same objects in
>>   similar, but differing ways.
>>   Bard's Tale isn't covered. 100% text MUDs aren't covered. There
>>   is only a handful of Client-Server games that even existed
>>   then. :-)
> I can't speak for prior art, and I haven't seen or tried to
> comprehend the entire patent, but doesn't this seem like a fairly
> obvious progression to you?

> Multiplayer games that interconnect?

More than an obvious progression, it's 1) been discussed lots and
lots by various people in the mud community, for, um, well, as long
as I can remember - people want to port characters from mud to mud,
it's hardly a unique idea, and 2) already in existence in products
like NWN, surely?  Even Id Software discussed the idea of portals
from one game to another once upon a time - sure, the mapping
function is _usually_ trivial from one game to another, but there's
always a mapping function of some sort there, even if it's very
close to the identity function.

I don't understand, if that's the patent, how it can be claimed to
belong to them as an idea.  But then, I'm patent-unknowledgable.

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