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At 12:18 AM 08/04/01 -0700, Raph Koster wrote:
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>>> Have you considered having admins watch players while invisible,
>>> at random times, and at random locations?  You could also make
>>> the bonuses fairly rare, meaning players wouldn't work for them
>>> as much, but would rather see them as a sign of passive
>>> encouragement.

>> I don't believe that falls under the realm of "community building
>> behavior." It's more the kind of thing I expect to find in MUDs
>> run by young boys who're just out for kicks and in certain LPs
>> where the administrators are voyeurs. If you don't understand why
>> this would turn a playerbase off, I can't think of a way to
>> explain it to you offhand.

> I want to say that Simutronics actually did this, and got good
> results. I seem to recall Elonka saying that at MERA. Is my memory
> faulty? Anyone?

At least on GEnie, both Simutronics and Mythic did this to great
effect and popularity.  I forget how Simu rewarded people; in
Mythic's Dragon's Gate, the 'bonus' was an on-the-fly adventure,
situation or quest, run by the invisible GM and usually with help
from 1 or 2 other GMs.

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