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Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Sat Aug 4 19:22:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Tomas Clark wrote:
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> From: "Matt Mihaly" <the_logos at achaea.com>
>> Well, frankly, our admins have better things to do than sitting
>> around randomly watching players hoping for the player to do
>> something interesting, particularly if the rewards are to be so
>> rare. And, I think, that wouldn't solve the problem. If the
>> reward isn't good enough to make them want it (ie it is rarely
>> given out) then they aren't going to try for it.

> The most effective systems I've seen (mostly on MUSHes) combine
> admin oversight with player voting. In other words, players
> nominate each other, but the admins ultimately decide whether the
> award is given. This usually happens on a regular (weekly,
> monthly) basis.  Most of the process is based on player decisions,
> but the admins can exercise discretion and guard against certain
> kinds of obvious exploits.

> It takes less time than making the admins do all the work
> themselves, because the best players do tend to bubble towards the
> top if you have a playerbase that's interested in RP; even if the
> player with the most nominations is there because of a clique-driven
> "exploit," at least one of the top five is probably a strong
> roleplayer deserving of the award.  That way, the awards can come
> more frequently without chewing up admin time.

Hmm, yeah, that does sound nice, though I don't know how well it owuld

> Whether to watch invisibly is another matter entirely, but I tend to
> think it's a good idea. In MUSHes, at least, admins tend to stay
> invisible much of the time to avoid disrupting all the RP. But in
> MUSH and related codebases you usually have a @sweep command or
> something similar that lets paranoid players tell who's listening to
> them.

That would definitely make things difficult for us, as our admins are
in-role Gods, who sometimes have actively hostile relations with some


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