[MUD-Dev] Wilderness

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Mon Aug 6 11:13:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Adam Martin writes:
> From: "John Buehler" <johnbue at msn.com>

>> The wilderness must be entertaining.  If it's not, don't put it
>> into the game.

> ...unless it's boredom has a purpose? E.g. use the wilderness as
> just another obstacle, in fact a particularly effective one, to
> make getting at a certain quest/reward/artifact more difficult.

Making game activities difficult to gain access to only applies to
achievers.  Because I'm not interested in the achiever player type
overmuch, I'm not interested in making things 'difficult'.  I hope
to let the achievers just lock horns with each other in consentual
PvP activities.

And if I wanted to limit player access to a feature, I'd just charge
money to get to it.  Those with money get access to the features
they want instead of the ones with lots of time to waste crossing


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