TECH: STL / Heaps, etc. (was: [MUD-Dev] TECH DGN: a few mudserver design questions (long))

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Mon Aug 6 11:18:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

According to Travis Nixon:

> I would really like it again if it really was STL, and maybe
> someday it will be.  Right now its mostly ASTL, though.
> (Almost-Standard template library)
> Actually, it may just be Microsoft's implementation that is ASTL.
> That wouldn't surprise me.  All I know is that using STL has
> caused me some major headaches in code that needs to run across
> Windows, Playstation2 (using 2 different compilers), and Gamecube.
> So many headaches that we have to get rid of it altogether.  It's
> a shame, really.

At Nevrax, we had the same problem. We threw the Microsoft supplied
libraries out of the window completely, and used STLPorts (but then,
we went the GNU route. I don't fully remember if STLPorts is GPL,
meaning your program would have to be GPL, or LGPL, meaning it

Anyway, the only way we had to have STL, well, be Stl, was to go
third party.

(of course, that means no MFC, but that's not a problem if you're
doing a game with its own interface; you don't need MFC)

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