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> This brings up an interesting point, and one of my pet peeves with
> the "Bartle Types" in general (short version: I don't think you
> can truly understand the Bartle types without having played

You can't properly understand what Richard Bartle was writing about,
but that doesn't mean you can't understand the concepts
(potentially, better than someone too intimately familiar with the
> Is it possible that instead of 'killer', the appropriate label for
> that category should be 'competitor'?  This would give us a nice
> grid with the axes being 'cooperation - competition' and 'people -
> game'.  It would also perhaps open up our thoughts as to how to
> occupy competitors without having to invoke PvP - which is
> arguably the most destructive form of competition (since it forces
> unwilling players into that playstyle in most cases).

I prefer the term "Controller" myself.  Everybody in these games
competes (even Socializers are in a non-zero-sum competition of
sorts, to be more popular and better liked).  What's been identified
as the "killer" segment is defined by their desire to excercise
*control* over other players, killing them is just the most obvious
(and intrusive) way they do so.  The most successful "Killers" are
not outcasts.  They are well-liked and popular (at least with their
membership) Guildmasters.  The classic "Dewd" grief-killer is to the
Killer segment what the "RP Nazi" is to the Socializer segment, an
intrusive and self-alienating fringe.


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