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Monday, August 06, 2001, 4:22:54 AM, Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Freeman, Jeff wrote:
>>> From: shannon hall [mailto:shannonbhall at yahoo.com]
>>> With all this talk about cross compatibility and migration of
>>> characters, I thought you all would be interested in hearing
>>> about d20.  It's an open gaming source for creating rpg's in the
>>> classic sense. Essentially it is the foundation that many games
>>> are based on.

>>>   http://www.opengamingfoundation.org/
>> According to the FAQ, you can't use the d20 system to create an
>> "Interactive Game".
>>       http://www.wizards.com/D20/article.asp?x=dt20010417d
>>       Q: Does the definition of an "Interactive Game" preclude
>>          me from creating an online RPG, MUD, MUSH, MOO, etc.?
>>       A: Yes

> Hmmm does this prevent me from hosting a d20 game on IRC ?

Nope.  Here's their definition:

  "Interactive Game": means a piece of computer gaming software that
  is designed to accept inputs from human players or their agents,
  and use rules to resolve the success or failure of those inputs,
  and return some indication of the results of those inputs to the

Thus, an IRC game run by a human GM doesn't fit the definition.

And, again, note that this only applies if you want to use the "d20
System Trademark License".  If you're not going to engage in trade
with your IRC game, then there's pretty much nothing for you to
worry about.

Travis Casey
efindel at earthlink.net

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