[MUD-Dev] Anarchy Online (was Community Feeling)

Steve {Bloo} Daniels bloo at playnet.com
Tue Aug 7 12:23:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"Hanz, Rob" wrote:

> Is it possible that instead of 'killer', the appropriate label for
> that category should be 'competitor'?  This would give us a nice
> grid with the axes being 'cooperation - competition' and 'people -
> game'.  It would also perhaps open up our thoughts as to how to
> occupy competitors without having to invoke PvP - which is
> arguably the most destructive form of competition (since it forces
> unwilling players into that playstyle in most cases).

"Competitor" is a much preferable term than "killer".  However,
"Cooperation" is not its opposite.  Group competition is both
competitive and cooperative. There are lone-wolf competitors and
team competitors.  Player *group* vs. player *group* or "Guild
vs. Guild".  Where does the player most interested in this score on
the Bartle Quiz?  I don't think he does. He gets a high "Killer"
score.  These are the games I play and design.  Which suggests to me
that the Bartle Quotient has some serious holes in it that mitigate
its utility. No offense to its Mr. Bartle.  Perhaps I'll put my
criticisms of it in a more constructive form someday soon.


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